private sessions

For centuries yoga was taught one on one, Guru and student. This is why you see so many styles of yoga - each Guru had their own style of yoga which they passed to their students. And they knew that each person develops and changes differently over time and their practice should develop with them to remain productive to their health and wellness.

Many people who are recommended to yoga from a physician or loved one are resistant because they feel intimidated to join a large group. Often they head toward a generic yoga class offered with a gym membership - which tends to be more fitness oriented and can turn a beginner off of yoga altogether. Even the brave & fit can sometimes get lost in these types of large classes - possibly trying challenging poses their bodies are not ready for and will lead to injury.

A reputable yoga studio is the best place to begin your yoga journey - and private sessions will give you the personal touch to really understand and enjoy your practice.

Benefits of Private Sessions

  • One-on-one attention to answer your questions

  • Correct pose alignments for YOUR body

  • Specific pose modifications for you

  • Information on how, when and why to use props

  • Sessions built for your unique goals

  • Quick results you can see within only a few sessions

  • Hands on adjustments to help you align and stretch

Preparing for Your Private Session

  • Your first session will begin with a discussion about your goals for your yoga practice. Be honest about past injuries, illnesses, & current physical concerns. No injury is too 'old' to let us know about it!

  • Make sure any meals are consumed at least 1.5 hours prior to your lesson.

  • Drink plenty of water prior to your lesson to stay hydrated.

  • Leave all distractions in our lockers - phones, etc.

  • Each private lesson is 60 minutes / $60

  • Additional time is 30 minutes / $30