NES infoceuticals

Re-Imprint Your Body 

NES Infoceuticals are liquid energetic remedies that have been imprinted with bio-information to directly correct distortions in your body-field and restore your body's inherent self-healing capabilities. They deliver the precise information your body needs to reclaim optimal functioning health and wellness.

Micro-minieral liquid drops to
re-imprint distortions
in the body-field.
Based on the exact information
that is right for you

Infoceuticals are safe, effective, and easy use by simply dispensing the recommended number of drops into a glass of water. You can use them with other liquids and with foods or nutritional supplements. You can also take them while using other health programs and products. After your scan and based on the information you provide you will receive a printed recommended program from your practitioner detailing the infoceuticals and how to take them: in which order, how often, and how many drops each.

The Benefits of NES Infoceuticals

Most people notice an immediate sense of enhanced well-being and vitality.

Some people report that they experience more dreams and a greater sense of personal insight.

You may also notice that the infoceuticals enhance your body's healing process, stimulating positive shifts in the specific physical and emotional issues you are addressing.

On occasion, some people experience mild to moderate detox symptoms such as mild to moderate headaches or flu like symptoms.
This is quite normal & a reflection of your body field working more effectively to filter distortions that may be contributing to your health issues.
Symptoms should subside after a few days. However, if you have concerns please contact your practitioner.

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