The NES miHealth is a compact, handheld PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) device, which releases energy blockages, stimulates trigger points, and brings your body's oscillations back to normal allowing the important information delivered by NES Infoceuticals to flow properly to where it is needed.

The miHealth can be used directly on your skin or in off body mode. The miHealth uses short pulsed electrical waves and magnetic fields of a specific nature and frequency spectrum to interact with connective tissue and accelerate fatigue recovery with in the cells and regulation system of the body. With a variety of healing options available via the NES miHealth you can experience maximum benefits during your visit.

Within minutes we
can rejuvenate the
body's energy,
release trigger
points, and correct
energy flow.

What Does It Mean For Me?

miHealth can assist your body with pain relief. Whether pain is acute, due to injury or chronic, from long term over use or stress, miHealth therapy can help restore the bodies memory to what it felt like before the onset of pain.

MiHealth can assist athletes with recovery after a workout or competition. We can shorten the recovery time allowing an athlete to return to training sooner.

For any questions please feel free to call (405) 473 - 4300.
Make a "Quick Consultation" appointment to discuss how a
miHealth treatment can help support your body.

Your miHealth Session standard time is between 10 - 30 minutes of total application time.

You may feel a subtle tingling session or nothing at all.

Treatment sessions can be repeated after giving the body 24-48 hours to assimilate and change.

In acute cases miHealth treatments can be applied several sessions a day.

miHealth packages are available.

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