Complimentary & Alternative

In addition to the NES Wellness System, we offer a variety of services to bring you into balance - mind, body and spirit.
These Complimentary & Alternative services work to their full potential after a NES scan has been completed. We recommend a combination approach with our services by using the NES scan to pinpoint any areas of concern in your body and then targeting those areas with greater focus. Thus helping to bring about your balancing in the quickest and most efficient way possible!

Services Include:

  • Pooling
  • RBTI Analysis
  • Bach Flowers
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bars Energy Healing & Transformation
  • Chakra Alignment
At The Bend, we take the balancing of your body very seriously and offer our services by appointment only.
Our fee structure is based on the education and services we are providing to you.
For additional information or to schedule a consultation please call (405) 473 - 4300.