Dedicated to educating others, Angie has a Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Fitness with an emphasis in Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries. After a diagnosis of chronic illness, she found traditional therapies offered little hope. Angie re-directed to alternative options and training which led her to the field of Natural Health and Bio-energetics. She is a certified Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and a Certified Natural Health Practitioner (CNHP). Angie is also a Certified NES Wellness Practitioner, as well as a BARS Energy Healer, and Reiki practitioner. 
Angie received her initial yoga training in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at Art of Yoga. She completed her 255 hour Samatva Yoga Teacher Certification under Karen Pryor. Angie has since studied at Yogaville and completed training for Yoga for Freer Hips.  Angie is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and a Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) with the Yoga Alliance.
"I discovered teaching yoga after the birth of my 2nd child. I needed something for myself, a way to cope with the stresses of being a new mom and a wife. I needed a way to stay grounded to myself. Yoga has allowed me to create so much more. I can't wait to share my practice with you."

Angie instructs the following:
  • The Morning Build
  • Class includes basic postures that build through out the month. Emphasis on energizing & waking the body. This class starts the first week of the month laying a foundation for the flow. We continue with those poses with the intention of curiosity and exploration through out the month and end with a surprising flow that is great all levels practice.
    A vigorous yoga practice in the morning can focus the mind and calm the central nervous system.

  • The Curve Flow 1
  • This is a "vinyasa" inspired, alignment-based class; it is both challenging and intentional - focusing primarily on soulful movement with the rhythm of the breath; sharing in joyful energy and connection to oneness. 
    This class has many transitions from standing down to the mat and back again. It is suitable for those with limited yoga knowledge however,  if you are brand new to yoga mat or are not confident with your balance or multiple transitions may we suggest Beginner Yoga?

  • The Dawn
  • Yoga to the rescue! This class sequences poses to encourage a flexible start to the day. No heavy arm balances or fast flows. It doesn’t matter if your tight from a workout or tight from an 8 hour computer session lets take some deep breaths, stretch and balance your body. This yoga class is geared to increase range of motion, recovery, and peace in the body.

  • The Beginner
  • This class is for those who are just beginning their yoga journey, have had a break from yoga or have limited experience. Class includes basic postures, basic breathing techniques, and an 8 - 12 min relaxation at the the end of class.

  • The Stretch
  • A great way to encourage or maintain flexibility. This class is geared toward those who may need a chair or extra props for balance. We will do some yoga poses but our work will be to increase functional range of motion in major joints. *This class is a Silver Sneaker Flex Class. You may choose to use your Silver Sneaker benefits for this class.* 

  • The Fold
  • Gentle yoga with guided relaxation is the key to this class. Take time to breath then coordinate that breath with movement. Gentle yoga is for those that are new to yoga or those who experiencing joint sensitivity our those with over all body stiffness due to physical limitations. This class ends with a deep relaxation or guided visualization to help bring ease into the body, release tension, and reduce stress.

  • The Bend Flow 2
  • The Bend class is a Level 2 Vinyasa Flow class. This class is for those who are comfortable on the yoga mat and in good health. We will be exploring our strength & flexibility through advanced flow sequencing and introducing some advanced poses as well. This is the class to take if you are looking to take your practice to the next level!
    Not suitable for beginners - please look into a Level I class.